The Company was established in the year 2014. Company is mainly engaged in Import-Export of Metals, Textile, Furniture, Pack foods and Electronic and consumable Goods. Since the beginning, JSS Exim Limited was to establish an enterprise which can fulfill the demand of Daily Consumer Products to their Valued Customers Globally. Our steady growth, success and achievements are largely owed to our well guided, properly managed and highly skilled team offering quality products at competitive prices with efficient services. With more than 5 years of experience in the Import and Export business and being among major bulk buyers, we have an edge in procurement and its benefits pass directly to our Customers which reflected in our prices. Today, our extensive distribution network and strong presence in the Greater Bay Area offers unprecedented access to the dynamic markets of Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China.

We are constantly assessing our markets and updating our product lines to meet changing needs. Upon recommendation of our knowledgeable sales team, many of our products were modified and technically improved time to time according to market trends & demand and in order to provide our customers a variety of new and quality products.

Our Mission

To improve brand equity and market share by satisfying vendors and customer expectations always by maintaining competitive pricing through optimum utilization of our experienced resource team.

Our Vision

To be a leading distributor & solution provider in the business across all trade channels in the market.